Main wood veneer

Wood veneers provide aesthetics like natural wood with less cost.. Wood veneers are only thin slice of wood; they can be easily glued to an engineered wood substrate to provide wood-like aesthetics



Veneer. Only very good logs are used for slicing, others are peeled. Red Oak is also used for facing in the furniture and door industries and as construction wood. Unlike in White Oak, Red Oak wood is not suitable for staves due to its open pores.


The White Oak can be used universally in all branches of the woodworking industry because it is most resistant to external influences. This is why it is held in high esteem in the veneer and lumber trades due to its expressive texture. It has great significance in the USA as stave wood (for whiskey). Used as veneer and lumber in all branches of the furniture, door and panel industries as well as for making parquet floors and stairs.



Hard Maple is one of the most used furniture woods in the USA. And over the last two years Hard Maple has established itself in Europe as a furniture wood, above all as a "substitute" for Pear, Alder or European Sycamore in unsteamed white or steamed pink color shades. Due to its resistance to friction it is also suitable as hard-wearing parquet in gymnasiums, etc. Turned into bobbins, loom shuttles and billiard cues.


Very good sliced veneer for faces. As lumber it is preferred for architectural panels and furniture. Good qualities are always in demand. However, due to this heavy demand it becoming more and more difficult to find American Black Cherry in good qualities. It is also very much sought after as lumber.


America Walnut

Sliced veneer and lumber for architectural woodwork and high class furniture making. Due to its high strength and elasticity suitable also for production of chairs and seats. Used especially for gunstocks and aircraft propellers. Traditional wood for upright and grand piano making.